BSB Nominated for MTV Movie Award

The boys are nominated for their FIRST MTV Movie Award for their cameo in "This Is The End"! Help them win their first Golden Popcorn! Vote for them HERE

The MTV Movie Awards air live Sunday April 13th.

  1. Izzy avatar

    You WON!!!! :)

  2. FaithInBrian26 avatar


  3. inlovewithbsb avatar

    Voted! ... Good luck!!! ????

  4. moniicazeneth avatar


  5. iwant2believe avatar

    Voted :D

  6. Daniela Azman avatar

    Anyone know when the BSB movie is coming out?? I am very excited and can't wait but I haven't heard anything

  7. Ruuubz04 avatar


  8. Saskia avatar

    Just voted! :) You're gonna win this, coz you're the greatest band in the universe! Come back to Belgium soon plz (faster than 2 years :) ), miss you already :) KTBPA!!! XxX A Belgian fan

  9. Chezbkstreet avatar


  10. b-rok86 avatar

    Done :D

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