BSB Israel Cancellations

Due to the security situation, we regret to announce that the BSB shows planned for July 29-30-31 at Raanana Amphitheater have been postponed. To assure the safety of the audience in the events, we will schedule new dates during spring 2015.


"Our dear BSB fans,

We are very sorry to inform you that the BSB concerts planned for July 29-30-31 at the Raanana Amphitheater have been postponed. This is a major disappointment for the band and fans as this was to be our first visit to Israel and we looked forward to meeting our fans. We're already working with the producers on new dates during Spring 2015 and will notify everyone about this as soon as possible.

Sending lots of love to everyone."


TICKETS: The current concert tickets will be honored for the new dates to be announced shortly, however those who wish to receive a refund will be able to do so at the "Kupat Tel Aviv" offices. 

VIPS: VIP Upgrades will be honored for the new dates to be announced shortly. If you wish to receive a refund, please contact http://support.groundctrl.com



  1. Domingos avatar

    Who knew that among the five of them there is even one dick, they are such big pussies that they can't even cancel a Concert to the most hated place on Earth. Pathetic!

  2. Amira avatar

    It's obvious to conceal this concert! We should at least have some respect to these innocents People dying in Gaza!

  3. Minion avatar

    It's a shame terrorists are being kept alive by our wonderful US government!! (and yes I can say that because I am a pissed off American and can mock our worthless government for supporting terrorist groups like Hamas!) Full support for Israel, and safety and prayers to the entire gang included with BSB as well as to the fans!

  4. Speedy_Ingrid avatar

    So sorry for the fans in Israel, but Im glad to hear this. Safety first!

  5. FaithInBrian26 avatar


    All Israel shows are canceled until next year's tour in the spring. If you already made a purchase for one of the Ra'Anana shows, they will be used for the next show in 2015. You can't buy any more tickets/VIP via the canceled event, because they immediately removed the July dates.

  6. elinorlevi avatar

    If I order ticket for meeting the guys
    It is cancelled or it remains for the show to be determined ??

  7. Efrat Lavie avatar

    I'm going to see you in Poland at the 27.7
    wait you in April 2015 in Israel

  8. romi leibgorin avatar

    we love you guys and wwe will wate a few more months to see you live on stage! i bought the vip upgrade and cant wate to give you guys a huge hug! love seens i remmber my self!!! (I'm 25 years old)

  9. mohamed avatar

    Free Gaza

  10. Esti85 avatar

    So sad :( i've been waiting for this concert for the past 18 years!
    Cant wait to see you!
    Esti, Jerusalem

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