March 26, 2015

International Luv

Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of continues its international takeover, hitting all corners of the globe from France and Mexico to New Zealand this week!
The boys are super-excited to show the documentary to the global market, particularly places like France, which played such a significant role in their early rise to fame.

“Most of our success started overseas first,” says AJ. “We started overseas around 1997 touring all over Europe, Scandinavia, The Netherlands and all throughout the UK and one of the places we were really focusing on a lot was France. We were doing quite a few shows there.”

BSB’s soaring popularity in France started to spill into the French-speaking provinces of Canada then down into the US and before long BSB were household names throughout North America.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the world was falling under the Backstreet spell and all these years later they have continued their stronghold in international regions.
The boys even paid tribute to their global fan base by penning the track ‘Feels Like Home’ on In A World Like This.

Some of those biggest markets get to watch the documentary from this weekend, including Mexico (where the boys are in such hot demand that they just added a third show in Mexico City) and Japan, where their large and loyal following has prompted members including Nick and AJ to launch solo projects there first.

Cinemas throughout Australia (where Brian says he would move to if he lived outside of the US) and New Zealand will also host screenings – a perfect pre-tour night out for fans hitting up the band’s Down Under shows in May.

Thrill-seeking Howie says he can’t wait to get back to New Zealand.

“A lot of us are very adventurous, so last time I wanted to go sky-diving, but I’d done it before – I tested fate once and my father-in-law said, ‘Don’t do that ever again.’

“But maybe I’ll do some bungy-jumping this time!”


*Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of launches in New Zealand, Australia, France, Mexico and Japan starting 28 March! Check HERE for more information on your country.


By Leena Tailor / @LeenaNZ