1. These guys Nick Carter? Brian Littrell? AJ McLean? Kevin Richardson? Howie D? stole my heart 22 years ago & they still have my heart now that is filled with soon amazing memoires..BSB the Movie is in my Backstreet Boys? collection along with 22 years worth of singles,albums,dvds,vhs,programmes,concert tickets/photos,magazines ect...Proud Fan xxXxx Got mine So happy

  2. Bought my copy! Can't wait to receive it! :)
    If any BSB fan wants the following items, I need to sell them, since I already have them. E-mail me at [email protected]: Nick Now or Never CD w/DVD, Nick 8.5/11 autographed photo
    Nick shaped CD, and Nick & Knight CD.

  3. I had bought a DVD, waiting to be sent to my home:)
    LOVE BSB!!

  4. And the band performance?!?! Doesn't have? "/

  5. Yay! Its on my top favorite movies list!!! :)

  6. Woohoo! BSBTheMovie is #1 Best Seller in Music Videos & Concerts and #3 in Documentary