May 31, 2015

BSB Uncensored!

We’ve seen BSB uncensored on Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of – bawling, boardroom brawling and even talking dirty (we’re looking at you Kev) – and now some of us are preparing to see them no holds barred on the BSB cruise. 

But as the doco continues its global takeover, we think it’s time to put the band under the uncensored spotlight of with 12 questions the boys have never been asked in their 22 years of stardom…


If you were to appear on Celebrity Wife Swap and had to trade with another Backstreet Boy, who would you pick and why?
Yikes. I remember when Kevin first was dating Kristin, before the group even started, and they went through their ups and downs then at one point they broke up. I remember her being such a great, dear-hearted woman and Kevin was contemplating them getting back together and I was like, “Dude, if you don’t marry this woman, I’m going to marry her!”
So probably her if anyone!

Nick: Probably Howie because … I’ll just say Howie!


Which female pop star would you take a hall pass for?

AJ: I would probably say Shania Twain. She’s an absolute sweet-heart.

Nick: Oh man. Who do I think is sexy? Ariana Grande! She’s sexy right now.


Unbreakable and This Is Us seem to have become the forgotten children when it comes to recent tour set-lists. What’s the deal with that? Will we ever get to see those songs performed live again?

AJ: Well, Kevin wasn’t part of either one of those albums, so now that Kevin has made his return we’ve tried to go back to the original five. But there are quite a few songs on both albums that Kevin is a huge fan of, so on the new tour we might actually put some of those songs in – like Inconsolable and Undone, and also You Can Let Go from Never Gone. We’ll definitely try to add a couple more songs in that we have not performed in very long time. Absolutely!


Kevin, when you weren’t in the group did you go out and buy Backstreet Boys records?

Kevin: My favourite song that the guys did when I was not in the group was Undone. And also the Max Martin song with the little tag line. What was it Nick?

Nick: ‘Bigger’

Kevin: Lalalalalalala! Those two songs were my favourite – and I purchased those on iTunes!


If Kevin had never come back and you had to replace him with another boy bander, who would you have added to the group?

AJ: I wouldn’t add anyone if I really had my say. I think we did well with just four and there is nobody like Kevin. But for the sake of the question, if I had to I would get Lance Bass in!


When did you realise Nick was up to extra-curricular activities with Jordan Knight?

Howie: He had talked to us over the last couple of years saying he had been in touch with Jordan and he had been patiently waiting for us to have time for him to do something. Then he came to us six months before it finally happened and was like, “Guys, I need to plan this now or it’s not going to be able to happen. It’s not fair for me to keep Jordan hanging on all this time.”


When you look back at the whole process of making Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of – and particularly the hometown visits –  what was the most moving moment or the most surprising thing you learnt about each other?

Brian: The things that pop out for me are things like the rabbit story about Howie. I loved him talking about his dad. I’ve gone through that with my cousin Kevin because he lost his dad and that’s a very emotional part of the film as well. Other things that jump out that I really remember – the relationships that AJ had with his teachers at school, because he didn’t have a dad growing up, yet was surrounded by a bunch of these lovely ladies who nurtured, cared and saw the best in him.

Also, Nick playing outside – that’s what me and Kev did as kids. You would play outside, across the street, so to see the house where he and his family grew up and him talking about his parents being in and out all the time … it’s an emotional rollercoaster, but it also paints us as black and white, normal human beings. 

Even though we’re “pop stars”, we have those special moments that take us where we are.


If you guys hadn’t made it big and you were still a budding singer trying to get a break and you went on American Idol, which song would you sing?

AJ: ‘Stuck In The Middle With You.’


What makes Nick go, “Woo hoo”?

Howie: I guess Jordan Knight makes Nick go, “Woo hoo!”


If the fate of the human race depended on Ava hooking up with one other Backstreet Boy’s son in 20 years time, who would you choose and why?

AJ: I’d have to say Baylee. His personality and Ava’s personality are very similar. I think they would get along quite well and they’re both jokesters, but have really big hearts. I think they would be a pretty good match.


Who has changed the most diapers on a tour bus?

Howie: Hmmm … I try not to get on everybody’s tour bus to see how many diapers they’re changing, but I think it’s Brian!


If you could take a piece of each Backstreet Boy to make the ultimate, perfect Backstreet Boy, what would you take from each guy?

Nick: I’d take AJ’s voice, Howie’s sweetness, Brian’s stubbornness and Kevin’s sensitivity. That would probably be the best Backstreet Boy.


*Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of hits Peru theatres on 4 June (buy tickets HERE ), then airs on Brazilian TV channel Multishow at 9.30pm on 6 June!


By Leena Tailor / @LeenaNZ