Cruise DVD

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let all of you know we are getting close to the final edit of the Cruise DVD. I know we said late Feb for a shipping date but we are going to have to push that back a little bit as we want to make sure its the best product we can produce.

  1. NicksCanadianQT83 avatar

    what's the address to still order the cruise dvd... anyone know?

  2. Michael avatar

    Got the DVD on Monday, watched it, and, I am sorry, and no offense to the boys or to anybody that put their time and effort into this, but for $50 when all was said and done, it should be longer than an hour. It by my know means lived up to the expectations I had about it. I thought it might be something I watch over and over again, but unfortunately, I don't think I will be watching it ever again.

    I did like to see my name though.. that was cool.

  3. Jodie avatar

    still waiting for my dvd

  4. CYNnkotbsb avatar

    i've re eive mine but : total of the dvd 39.95 dvd + 47.82 for shipping and handing + taxe of ups 34.95
    total 122 dollars for a stupid dvd

  5. Amanda avatar

    why hasnt mine shipped yet?!

  6. Amanda avatar

    why hasnt mine shipped yet?!

  7. Salena avatar

    Whoo hoo! It's shipped!! Hope it's here in time so I can watch it to celebrate the Boys anniversary ;)

  8. AmyC avatar

    @s__rod #backstreetboys Cruise DVD's have cometh! Packing and shipping these bad boys all day #groundctrl twitpic.com/4mibps

  9. Nadia avatar

    Anyone knows when the DVD is going to be ready???

  10. Amanda avatar

    Well looks like I am not booking a cabin for the cruise this year.. I had to beg my boyfriend to go and I wanted to show him last years before we booked it and since it was suppose to ship in February I figured I would have enough time. Guess I was wrong cause it is now April 15th, the cruise has been on sale for a week now, and still no DVD! What is going on?! This is horrible marketing and the Boys and their fans deserve wayyy better service then this!

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