September 10, 2015

25 Things You Didn't Know About Security Guard, Keith McGuffy

Get to know Keith McGuffy AKA Trey D, the notorious Backstreet Boys secuirty guard, by reading about his history with the boys, his love of pancakes and his perfect night out. 

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1) I was a recording artist in the 90’s (stage name: Trey D) and opened up for The Backstreet Boys and N*Sync on some of their first tours. 


2) I served in the U.S. Navy.


3) I have four older sisters and no brothers. 


4) My music idol was L.L. Cool J when I was younger. 


5) Kevin and I met in 1985 at the church camp his father ran. We both played piano and wrote our first song together that year.  We’ve been best friends ever since. 


6) For my wedding, all of my groomsmen and I wore kilts. 


7) Later in life, I went back to college and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Management. 


8) My sisters named me after Keith Partridge of the TV series “The Partridge Family” in 1972.


9) I lived in Germany and consider it to be my second home.


10) My first concert was Van Halen.


11) I love pancakes.


12) I’m a professional iPhone photographer. Seriously.


13) I wrote A.J’s rap on BSB’s hit single “Get Down (You’re the One for Me).”


14) I am the most at peace while watching the sunset.


15) Ironically, I have a fear of flying. 


16) My mother worked at a bakery and my father was a taxi driver.


17) My dream car/truck is a Ford F-150.


18) As a kid I was known for my break-dancing skills. To this day, I can still windmill.


19) My favorite music is old-school R&B.


20) I have visited almost 50 countries.


21) My second-favorite boy band is New Edition.


22) My favorite BSB songs are: “More Than That “ and “Lose It All.”


23) One of the coolest experiences in my life was taking a seaplane excursion in New Zealand with some of my buddies. 


24) My idea of a perfect night is a fire pit, cold beer, and good music – surrounded by family and friends. 


25) I was the manager of a TCBY store before I started working for The Backstreet Boys in 1995.