You, yes you....you've all been asking and waiting patiently....well
it's finally here!  


Well, we definitely know we are!  

We are so excited to FINALLY announce the BEST party on the ocean- BSB
Cruise 2011.

Please block off Dec 2 - 5th.  Let your friends and family know you
won't be answering their calls because you'll be too busy hanging with
us as we play, eat, dance and drink the nights away!

All presale and other cruise information can be found here!

If you weren't able to come last time we EXPECT to see your shinning
faces this time and if you were there last time....well, ahem....you
know what's up!

We can't wait to see you aboard this wild ride!!

Let the countdown begin!


  1. jennjenndeus avatar

    just booked this week :-) so excited

  2. Chica Mclean avatar

    yayayayyayayay i cant wait to go to this Cruiseeeeeee

  3. ivanita86 avatar

    please can someone help me? I need to book to go on the cruise and nose like? I will mourn, when I select book asks me username and password, it tells me invalid entry and tells me invalid
    help me, please!!!

  4. ivanita86 avatar

    please someone can help my buy ???

  5. Firith Ariel avatar

    Does anyone know if we'll get a un/password for the sale on wednesday or we'll have to use our OFC account ones???

  6. sabrina* avatar

    why cant i get onn it says busy????

  7. REBECCA avatar

    good luck, hope u get a cabin x

  8. Pinky avatar

    :-) Thanks, I guess it would help if I actually read the email, lol! I guess I'm too excited!

  9. REBECCA avatar

    if your a past cruiser, you book on www.backstreetboyscruise.com

  10. Pinky avatar

    Does anybody know where we are supposed to log in to book for the crusie? Is it on here or on the backstreetboyscruise.com website?

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