Happy Birthday AJ!

Happy 39th birthday, AJ McLean!

Today we celebrate you with a video of messages, photos, videos and stories from members of the Backstreet Army. We hope you enjoy it.

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By Karah-Leigh Hancock
Twitter: @Princess_Karah

  1. iseladac avatar

    XOXO from Mexico ????????????????????????????????????????

  2. lore mora avatar

    visiten mexico......

  3. Bsbs41 avatar

    Happ Y birthday An Manny more blessings on your birthday friends famil..

  4. daomisyel avatar

    Belated Happy Birthday! See you soon!!!

  5. Sway_Shay avatar

    Love the video, I wish I done more than just submit a photo. I wasn't thinking... :(

    Thanks for doing this.

  6. saxyCJ avatar

    Happy birthday Boner :) May you forever keep that gorgeous smile and angelic voice. I know back in the day you used to love #8 at Mack Daddy's with a Coke with no ice. So I got that for your birthday, except I ate it. And it was delicious haha. See you in June!!!! KTBSPA ~*CJ*~

  7. PJB avatar

    AJ I hope your B Day was Great!
    Wishing you and yours health and happiness always.

  8. Alessandra avatar

    Happy Birthday AJ! Hope you had a fantastic day!

  9. Franca Sparaco avatar

    Happy Birthday AJ. Hope you had an Amazing Birthday.

  10. Patty Serrano avatar

    Happy Birthday AJ!!!! We all llove you so much! Sending all our love here Cali!!!

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