1. Rachel avatar

    Congrats Carrie!!!

  2. Camilla Marangoni avatar

    Congrats, Carrie!! I loved reading about you and I love talking to you!!! You are an amazing girl with a big heart!! I had a blast with you in Vegas and can't wait to see you next time!! Love you!

  3. Luciath avatar

    Congrats. Oooo wow 8 times to Vegas! you´re lucky one! I hope for me that i can see the boys in february

  4. Patty Serrano avatar

    Congrats Carrie!!!!

  5. PrincessJen avatar

    I totally meant to say "Congrats Carrie" not Karah, in my previous post. Sorry!

  6. andromedy1982 avatar

    OMG! Hi. I don't know if you remember me but I sat next to you at the March 11 show. The Orlando Bloom fan as well but that's me off topic. Lol I wanted to keep in touch but didn't catch your name and contact info. I hope we can meet up to see future BSB shows together. And congrats on being the soldier of the month!

  7. bsb_luv89 avatar

    Congrats, Carrie! You're so lucky you've been ble to see the Boys so much. You're story is very inspirational and I congratulate you on your weight loss journey <3

  8. PrincessJen avatar

    Congrats Karah, I love your story, very inspirational! And the fact that you met them waaaaaaaaay back when is just icing on the cake. That bottom M&G pic though...LOL, sooo good!

  9. Krazy4bsb avatar

    Congrats Carrie! I am so happy for you! AND I can't wait to go see the boys for the 3rd time with you in Vegas!

  10. Laura Fu avatar

    I love your story about meeting them. Wow,so cool! It was impossible to meet them back in the day, so it makes the story even better. I want to see the photos!