BSB on TV!

When the Backstreet Boys aren’t on stage (in Vegas, on the Smooth Tour, or at a music festival in front of 100k people), singing a #1 country single, or preparing for their SOLD OUT 2018 cruise, you can find them in the comfort of your home – on TV that is.

For the past three weeks, fans have tuned in to watch Boy Band, ABC’s new summer reality competition that aims to let viewers have a hand in creating the next big boyband. It’s no secret that Nick Carter, who serves as architect alongside Emma Bunton and Timbaland, has been passionate about this new project from the beginning, giving constructive criticism each week and passing on his 24 years of boyband wisdom.

Thursday night though, Boy Band welcomed a few special guests. Who better to hype a boyband crowd than AJ McLean himself? The show opened with the competitors performing an evolution of boyband songs with the help of Nick and AJ as well as NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick and New Edition’s Bobby Brown. If you missed the epic performance, watch it here.

Speaking of other boybands, Sunday night was a night of Girl Bands vs Boy Bands on Celebrity Family Feud and our very own Howie D. played alongside members of NSYNC, BoyzIIMen, and 98° for charity. Want to know who won? Catch the episode here. If you don’t have a cable provider, you should be able to watch the show without one in a week.

Miss all of the boys together? You’re in luck! The Backstreet Boys have also filmed a segment for CNN’s documentary special, The Nineties, which will air on August 20th at 9/8c. Can’t wait? Watch a clip from the special here.


  1. Sway_Shay avatar

    I always said when I can't see them in person, TV is the next best thing. ;)

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  3. Brianlove avatar

    I love that even though Vegas is sort of over (for now) that I can still catch the boys on tv. Also having Nick just post an emoji on Twitter just for me makes my day so much better! It's the little things in life that mean the most


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  5. Patty Serrano avatar

    Love seeing the boys all over!!! I need me so more Kevin tho...maybe a car pool karaoke soon?

  6. PrincessJen avatar

    I love seeing the guys all over tv again! Nick on Boyband has seriously been giving me life though. He is the only reason I watch the show.

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