1. mcleancarterfan avatar

    Congrats to you

  2. Laura Fu avatar

    Congrats, Jodi! Sorry I'm only seeing this now, but welcome to the club!!

  3. *BSB lover always & forever!* avatar

    Congrats! I'm a Nick girl too. Also us Michigan girls gotta love Frick & Frack! Lol. So lucky yoo on getting to meet the guys!

  4. CurlyK avatar

    Hey! Someone I recognize! Congrats!

  5. PrincessJen avatar

    Congrats Jodi! I feel like through FB and social media, I already sorta know you, even though we've never met! I love your jersey story, I had no idea! Nick looks so happy in thoe pics :)

  6. Camilla Marangoni avatar

    Awww Jodi!! I loved reading your stories about the boys!! These pics of Nick and Brian on "The One" video brought tears to my eyes!! Congrats for being the soldier of the month! You're the most loyal fan I know and and incredible person! I love you! <3

  7. BrainHasMyHeart avatar

    Congrats on the win. Love your idea for House's surprise party. I also love learning about you and all your amazing experiences.

  8. Patty Serrano avatar

    Congrats! This is so amazing! I love reading what the fans write! They get me all giggly and dreamy! hahaha!

  9. andieyammine avatar

    Yay!!! Love you girlie

  10. Rosa FutureStar avatar

    you are so lucky!