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  2. djkidsheylee avatar

    Congratulations Backstreet Boys!

  3. PrincessJen avatar

    Silver? Let's get them to GOLD!!! So proud of my Boys!

  4. *Britty* avatar

    I am so happy that the boys were recognized for their amazing efforts. I have not been blessed to see their Vegas show but have heard nothing but amazing things about it and have had to settle for You Tube. To reach this type of success and receive such accolades after 24 years and still going strong only goes to prove what all us fans have always known. BSB are and always will be a strong, talented, and beloved group. They treat their fans with such love and respect. My daughter and I have been lucky to have gone on 4 cruises and have been awed and thrilled at how they try to please the fans. They have a way of reaching into our hearts and souls, make us sing, and infuse us with a sense of happiness and wonder. Mere words can not express the memories, the connection and joy they have given my daughter and I as we shared in their journey. So thank you Nick, AJ, Brian, Kevin and Howie for sharing your lives with all of us. Maybe one day we will see you on the Vegas stage and share in the passion and the amazing performance that you always bring. Written by Britty's mother. Lesley

  5. Audrey avatar

    Well deserved !! Congrats to the BsB as well as the entire team who works with them!!!