Give your fellow fans the gift of Backstreet Boys this holiday season

By Karah-Leigh Hancock

And when the snow is falling down, down, down …

You’ll know that the Backstreet Santas are back in town, town, town …  at least when it comes to Backstreet Boys goodies.

As any good Backstreet Boys fan would know, there are a ton of things you can buy other fans – from T-shirts to beanies to even panties. And while we know that all fans are different, there’s a little bit of everything out there that is sure to make your favorite BSBBFF (Backstreet Boys Best Friends Forever) or family member squeal with delight.


While you have to be a Backstreet Boys fan club member to order this exclusive, having at least once is a must considering the Backstreet Boys will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in April. With a small old school Backstreet Boys logo on the front and 93 (the year they were formed on the back), this shirt is perfect for any BSB fan.
Price: $35 (USD)
*Today is the last day for UPS Ground shipping in order for your package to arrive by Christmas!

It’s Christmas Time Again with Emojis

Have you seen the new Christmas sweatshirt with a BSB ornament in the front, but the BSB emojis with Christmas hats on the back. Can you get even cuter than that?
Price: $45
*Today is the last day for UPS Ground shipping in order for your package to arrive by Christmas!


This brand new sweater the Backstreet Boys gift shop is offering has the title of probably the sweetest BSB song titles ever. “What Makes You Different, Makes You Beautiful” was featured in “Princess Diaries” and can be heard in countless commercials.
But now? Now you can wear it
Price: $75 (USD)

“Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of”

There’s nothing better than spreading the Backstreet Boys love to make sure every fan has a copy of the boys 2015 documentary. From laughing around and recording in London to heading back to their hometowns for emotional visits, the documentary is a must for every Backstreet Boys fan.
Price: $24.99 (USD)


The Backstreet Boys emojis are a big hit with fans and have become kind of a secret language between fans as they tweet icons back and forth.

Now, you can wear the emojis on your feet. The BSB Emoji socks, which debuted this summer in the Las Vegas Axis store, are comfortable and can keep your warm enough through these winter months.
Price: $30 (USD)

Viva Las Vegas panties set


Whether you’re just chilling at home or dressing to impress, this Backstreet Boys Las Vegas panty and tank set is sure to make a lasting impression. Plus, who doesn’t want some BSB underwear?
Price: $70 (USD)

Kicking it old school

Retro t-shirts are all the rage right now and the Backstreet Boys have their own retro shirt that they are selling at shows, but there are also a few other places that are selling them, including plus size clothing store Torrid. The T-shirt is a dark gray with a photo from the Backstreet Boys’ “Millennium” days.
Price: $29.17 (as of right now) (USD)


If any of these gifts do not tickle your fancy, remember to head over to the BSB fan club store or the merchandise store. There’s bound to be something there that your gift recipient would love.

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    i want the t shirt and the emoji socks and sweater, but i dont have enough money :(

  4. CurlyK avatar

    I was looking through our bank transactions, as I usually do, just to make sure there's no suspicious activity....I saw a transaction for the BSB store. The hubster got me something for Xmas and I'm DYING to find out what it is! LOL.

  5. BrainHasMyHeart avatar

    I want everything on this page lol

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    I would like the backstreet Christmas sweater

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