1. Clau Carter avatar

    Thank you so much for comming to Mexico! The shows were awesome! See you soon this year!!!

  2. diferentonx avatar

    please come to Brazil!!!! I'm crazy to go to a Backstreet Boys show. You are the BEST! I wish you a fabulous year.

  3. Thakie avatar

    Great to see you guys together for decades! Hope 2018's gonna be a BSB year.

  4. PrincessJen avatar

    So excited for 2018! Hoping I'll get to do tons of BSB related stuff this year!

  5. Nicky Toronto avatar

    2018 is gonna be amazing !!!

  6. justjess516 avatar

    So excited for 2018 with BSB! Especially the CRUISE!!!

  7. Julianna avatar


  8. Reyna Z avatar

    Please! Please! Please! Come to america central in the world tour, your fans in these countries never had the luck of having a BSB concert, i'm sure there are a lot of fans like me who would love to see you at least once!!! Kisses from Nicaragua!

  9. Rachel Y avatar

    I need the after party tickets to go on sale! I can't wait for February!

  10. HowiesPrincess avatar

    Looking forward to 2018 with you, boys! :)