News article image #BSBCruise2018 - Theme Night #1
January 18, 2018

#BSBCruise2018 - Theme Night #1

Ahoy, Backstreet Army!

Just a few months til we set sail on our 6th cruise. Crazy how time flies! We can't wait to head south and spend time in the sunshine with you. 

We know you're eager to hear what fun we're getting into with theme nights on this year's cruise. So let's get to it...

#BSBCruise2018 Theme Night 1 Is.....

Fast Times at Backstreet High

“Learn it. Know it. Live it.”

Think back to high school (we know.. it wasn't THAT long ago ;)). What clique did you roll with? Were you hanging with the theater crew? Or rocking a varsity jacket while hanging out with fellow jocks? Maybe you identified with the lovable nerds.... whatever it was, we want to see it!

Dress like your high school clique (or the clique you wished you were a part of) and we'll meet you after class for a wild party!

Stay tuned to our TwitterFacebook Instagram over the next few weeks for #CruiseThemeThursday and let the cruise countdown begin!

Still stuck on the cruise waitlist? Or looking for a way to get on the sold out boat? Fan club members will get the chance to win a cabin on the sold out#BSBCruise2018 starting February 1st. Not a member? Join today!