We Have our Cruise Themes, Now What?

Well, it’s time to get excited, that’s what! Once the themes are announced it means we are getting that much closer to the cruise and the countdown is officially on. In order to get ready for the theme nights here are a few tips as a veteran cruiser:

Tip 1: Embrace the theme and be creative.
Over the years I’ve found people really do get super creative with these themes and I’m always impressed with people come up with. I encourage cruisers to think outside of the box and interpret the theme however they choose. That’s the beauty of it. For example with 90s night, you could dress like you’re from the 90s or perhaps take inspiration from pop culture references from the decade instead. I’ve seen group costumes, custom T-shirts, homemade outfits, and even people who opt out of the themes. There is no pressure and there are no rules! Make the themes whatever you want. Just make sure to have fun.

Tip 2: Consider travelability
Yes, I may have made up the word ‘travelability’…but the point remains. Be mindful that you do need to pack these outfits and transport them via airplane, car, ship, or however you plan to get to the cruise. We have comic con night and you might be tempted to go all out with your cosplay (which is great!) but just think about how you will pack these outfits.

Tip 3: Dress comfortably and for different weather
I know some of you like to rock out in those sexy heels, which is fine, more power to you. But 6 cruises later, I choose comfort. I’ve even bought fancy orthopedic flip flops because my feet hate me after these cruises. You know your body, but I encourage you to pack comfy shoes if you know that will be an issue for you.

Same rules apply to your outfit, you’re going to be outside and in that outfit for a while and you certainly don’t want to be miserable the whole night.

Another one of my big theme party tricks is to dress for all different types of weather. We’ve experienced rain, cold, wind, heat, and the occasional rare perfect weather deck party. On several deck parties, I’ve had to throw a hoody on over my outfit because it was simply too cold on that lido deck. Make sure to consider different weather conditions when you plan your outfit- layers are your friend!

Tip 4: Don’t camp out all day in front of the stage
I know other cruisers would disagree, but hear me out. First of all, I think it’s silly to miss other events just to get a “good spot” for a deck party. I see girls miss dinner or BSB activities just so they have a good spot for the deck party. And note I put the words “good spot” in quotations. I suppose its subjective, but the boys really do move around the deck and usually don’t confine themselves to the stage. So while you might be front row for parts of the evening, you’ll be in the back for others. Over the past few years, some of the boys have been favoring setting up selfie lines, which all occur not at the stage. So if you want a picture with one of the guys, I honestly think you’re better off just enjoying yourself and hopping in a line whenever you see one.

Tip 5: Have your camera ready
If you are lucky and find yourself in the position to get a picture with one of the boys (eeeeek!), in the words of Mr. Carter himself, they are more experienced with our phones than we are. They are the kings of selfies. Often times it is quicker for you to hand your phone to them and they’ll take the picture. I think this is also a respect thing for your fellow fans. Don’t waste their time and ours by fumbling with your camera.

Tip 6: Deck parties run late!
The boys will run on backstreet time, guaranteed. These events typically don’t start until after 11pm and can run into the wee hours of the morning. I advise new cruisers to be mindful of this when planning excursions for the next morning. You don’t want to overdo it and not get enough sleep.

You obviously don’t need to stay the full time. Crowds do tend to dwindle as the night goes on, the boys included *cough* Brian *cough*. But an expert tip: Even if you don’t see the boys on deck, that doesn’t mean they’re sleeping. Often times they may be spotted in the lounge or casino.

Tip 7: Food is scarce
My most important tip – remember that the buffets and most food venues close around 11 PM. Meanwhile, consider the deck parties can run until 5am, and your last meal would’ve been hours ago. There is little to no food on board at this hour and you will be hungry. Trust me. The only thing really open at this hour is the pizza and the lines are literally out the door. They also would you have room service but room service at these hours will take a while. So just something to keep in mind even if you throw a few snack bars in your purse or you know maybe steal an extra cookie dinner.

So what can a new cruiser expect to happen at a themed deck party?
I would say, expect the unexpected! We’ve had so many different types of themes over the course of the cruising and each theme has brought such a different vibe.

You can expect the boys to make a grand entrance and show off their themed outfits. Definitely have those cameras handy! Once the boys take the stage, they will hype up the crowd, play music, get on the mic, entertain us, mingle, take selfies, give out hugs, play games, bring fans on stage, throw out goodies into the audience, etc. There are no rules and I’ve seen it all.

The other fun part about the themes deck party is that many times they’ll do something a little bit unique related to the theme. They’ve done beer pong, apple bobbing, costume contests, Truth or Dare, etc. I’m super excited to see what they come up with for our themes.

So if you’re not already booked make sure to head over to backstreetboyscruise.com and sign up for the waitlist. Spots are still becoming available so it’s not too late!

By Laura D
BSB Fanclub: https://backstreetboys.wun.io/users/laurad

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