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  3. I love you all!!!! You have been with me through my childhood and helped me and continue to help me get through some of the hardest times in my life. I have been a fan since I was 9 years old-- and I'm now … well that's not important. (#forever 21). I've lost a lot of my family and recently my long time best friend, and coming from a small family, I don't have much left or much of my childhood. You guys and your music brings me comfort, makes me feel safe, makes me feel like home. I hope that when you go touring with the new album I will get the chance to finally meet you. I would love to go to Vegas, unfortunately i went right before you guys where there. We flew my BFF out so we could surprise her to meet Britney, and that costed quite a bit, but was worth every penny since it was a dream of hers and she passed away fulfilling that dream 7 months later. But someday I will fulfill my dream and meet all of you!!!!!! until then... I am patiently waiting, jamming out to your albums and especially your new song with my 6 year old and my newborn, who have both also taking a liking to your music!!! Mama couldn't be prouder!


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  6. Hardcore, longtime BSB fan and I am freaking out for the guys and their newest success in this harsh world of judgment and ageism. This is hands down the best song they have recorded since....hmmm...I'm going to say, Undone. Love, love, love and thank you for all that you do to continue to make me smile...all day...night...in the car...on my couch...at work...in the carwash...with friends...at the....well you get the picture. Thanks

    Linda Perry

  7. #1 song of my summer! Listening to it non-stop! I think that all four of my cats love it too! Also I think my neighbors night know how much I love you guys and your song! Can't for more new music!! Hugs and kisses from Michigan

  8. Don’t go Breaking My Heart has been on repeat all week for my! Let’s get it on the radio in TN! And let’s get a Grammy!

  9. Unbelievable, I'm sure it will be more than that.
    BSB ARMY, let's go to work !!!

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