1. Maurina avatar

    Waking up this morning to the news that the Thackerville show was completely cancelled was heartbreaking. My brother was kind enough to purchase me and our sister tickets while planning his wedding because he knows what huge fans we are... especially me. I just hope we are able to make maybe the Tulsa show. Finances are not an easy thing to work around, we got very lucky with the closeness and prices of the tickets for Thackerville. I've never seen y'all live. Very much wish I can.
    Much love to y'all!

  2. Terri Sprehe avatar

    I am so bummed out about this. First of all, the concert in August was on my 35th Wedding Anniversary and that was my present from my wonderful husband, because he knows what a huge fan I am. We waited many hours hoping for the show to start, just to be told finally it was postponed. Now to be told it is cancelled has just really made me sad, again. This was probably my one and only chance to see the guys live.

  3. tritter63 avatar

    My BFF nd daughter are so sad!!????????. We were there waiting, hoping. We hope we can get tickets again.