1. Cant find any presale code for the concert in Stockholm. Suppose to be on my dashboard?

  2. No presale code sent this morn for the Dublin Ireland gig
    Disappointed wife this xmass

  3. I have no idea what I am doing! Joined the club last week to make sure I could get pre sale tickets to see them and I can’t find the password on the account dashboard! Will this appease just before the pre sale?

  4. Logging in issues in UK not good 4 presale. Does anyone know prices if tickets and VIP as trying plan who's buying what is annoying ad owt. Seem 1 comment $1100 one for $1750 another €750???

  5. Is anyone else having difficulties logging into their accounts? Every time I try to login it says my password is expired and to reset it. When I do reset the browser freezes. The only way I can get into my account is by clicking ‘forgot password’. This is annoying and worrying as the UK presale is tomorrow morning. I have called support many times and says the lines are closed but online it says their support is open 7am-3pm PT. No one is replying to my emails or messages on twitter! I pray I’m able to login to get the code tomorrow!

  6. I can’t find any presale information!!! Do you have to be a paying member to even get it?

  7. Was I dreaming or did I read somewhere that when you bought the tickets you got a pre order of the cd? When I was checking out there was nothing about it anywhere. Just wanna make sure I actually saw it somewhere lol

  8. Sad too see the meet and greet is just for standing room only “pit”...

  9. Hola !
    Quisiera que subieran los precios de los pases VIP !!!

  10. $1200 CDN for a MG package.... talk about inflation lol. Wish all the pricing details had been released ahead of time so we could have planned better. Now there are no decent regular fan club seats available, and I won't be paying $1200, so not sure where that leaves me. Sigh.