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  2. I am so excited for this new tour. And I am loving that I can go to a concert and not have to travel. Dont get me wrong I love traveling but it will be great to sleep in my own bed after the concert.

  3. Please add an Ohio show

  4. Please please please add another Vancouver show too! The majority of tickets left are resale tickets for double-triple the cost of a standard ticket! I was so close to getting amazing seats when I kept getting messages saying another person beat me to it! I have been to many BSB concerts and have never had this happen. To top it all off, I emailed wonderfulunion to help me reset my password, so that I could renew my fanclub membership, but it was too late, as I didn’t receive a response on time. Because of this, I missed out on getting tickets through the fanclub presale and went with the ticketmaster public sale, which was a big mistake :( Not trying to complain, as I know lots of die hard fans like myself got unlucky— just a very upset BSB fan wanting nothing more than to see the boys in concert. If anyone in Vancouver is selling 2 floor seats in the first 8 rows (any further back and we’re not tall enough to see) for face value, please reply to my comment here, as I don’t have a renewed membership. To all the fans who could not get tickets like myself, I am crossing my fingers for all of us :)