1. alexsa2686 avatar

    Love the song and video so much!

  2. Audrey avatar

    Beautiful video for a beautiful song! Thank you for this gift!

  3. BrainHasMyHeart avatar

    Omg I have to tell you this song is amazing and the video with each of you with your families is brilliant. I love every second of it. I love the lyrics and the meaning and the sound and even though I have never met any of you I love each of you.

  4. Ashley Lynn avatar

    Is there a deadline for the video? I definitely want to participate!

  5. *BSB lover always & forever!* avatar

    So in love with the video & song! It's so sweet! Seeing all of you, with your family's is so cute! I'll be sure to bring up to my niece about making a little video, whenever we can fit in before she has to go back to school. See you guys in August! Lots of love from Michigan

  6. Nicole Niles avatar

    I LOVE this!!! Sweet little Lyric at the end is everything!!!

  7. Karen Miska avatar

    There ain’t no place like YOU!
    Thank you for making us participate in your lives... we’re a great and unbreakable family.
    Congratulations for this beautiful video and song!

    Lots of Love from Chile

  8. NicksMyBitzch avatar

    when is the deadline for this? i want ot do a video by my #NoPlace is not happening for a couple weeks lol

  9. Saskia avatar

    Looooove this song! Just like every other song they make. The new album is gonna be so awesome, as usual. They seem to get even better everytime, if that's even possible. KTBSPA!