1. Helen Paula avatar

    Perfect album, come to Brazil.
    I love Backstreet Boys!!

  2. iseladac avatar

    Congrats for the new album. Kisses and hugs from Mexico :)

  3. Rym avatar

    I'd be watching the show from the old continent on the other side of the globe, from Montpellier in the south of France.
    A 20 year follow of the Backstreet Boys and I'm so glad to finally see them in Paris for the tour show in may...
    Keep on going guys, you're the best and you're standing strong
    Luv ya !

  4. Thais83 avatar

    I’ll be watching it from Barcelona, Spain ???? Really excited for this new album, I guess the best up until now!! ???? I’m happy you went want to some of your original sounds and style. See you very soon on your!!!

  5. Lucy Littrell93 avatar

    I can't wait. I love and support you forever. See you in Prague, Czech Republic. Love y'all.

  6. NYCBlackStar aka Jackie avatar

    Hoping and praying I will be celebrating and hearing the DNA album with BSB and fans at the album release party in NYC! If not, it’s gonna be a house listening party! But I prefer to be lucky enough to be with you BSB!

  7. Lee bsb avatar

    Will be watching from essex england..
    Loveee the first two songs so cant wait to heat the rest of the album..2019 what a great year its going to be!! so excited to see you in june!! Xxx

  8. BrendalynAlisha avatar

    I pray to be AT that IHeartRadio show live and in person!!! I live in NYC and have been a fan since 96’!!!!!

  9. BrainHasMyHeart avatar

    I absolutely cannot wait for this album. It is going to be so good. I am so proud of the boys and I am so happy that they are continuing to make great music!