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    I have been a fan since i was in grade school. no matter if im happy or sad the music speaks to me everytime. There is never a day that goes by that i dont listen to your music. thank you for the years of perfect music. May each of you and your families be blessed. love you guys.. Cape Town South Africa Fan Megan

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    I have been a lifetime fan. It all started when I heard your first single drop in Montreal at the age of 7. I knew I had to learn english in case we'd meet one day! Jokes aside. This album makes me happy for many reasons but the main one is because you guys totally deserve to be back at the top! The way you harmonize is all your songs leaves me speachless. The way AJ takes you in to the song with every lyrics is amazing. Brian, i'm happy your voice is back and you are still living the dream. Nick, you matured so much as a signer and sound better than ever. Howie D!!! Glad to hear more of you and Kevin... you were always my boys to men! You bring the soul and depth in every song. I bought two CDs and I am forcing every one to listen to your album on Spotify and so far... my friends are shocked at how good the full album is.

    Really happy to connect again on the same level as when your posters were covering my walls and my tape budget was 20$ a month!

    Beautifully done!

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    Was thinking about coming to see you in Las Vegas in April. Then I got pregnant with my second child and then you announced your DNA tour. Such a bad timing! But life is cruel in a funny twisted way... I lost my baby in January. It's been a month now.. I was due in May.. So I thought I would go and see your concert... See you May 15th in Milan. I got a VIP ticket.. Why am I feeling so guilty

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    How does this work I don't how to use it