News article image Backstreet Quotables: 'DNA', Tour and More
March 04, 2019

Backstreet Quotables: 'DNA', Tour and More

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, here’s a few things the Backstreet Boys have been up to: released an album that went to #1 in its first week, reached #1 on Billboard’s Artist 100 chart for the first time ever, sold out an appearance at Vina del Mar festival in Chile, appeared at the Grammys where they were nominated for the first time in years, collaborated with Chance The Rapper for a Doritos Superbowl commercial and returned to Vegas for the second to last leg of their residency at Zappos Theater in Planet Hollywood.

With so much going on, the Backstreet Boys have said a LOT about a lot of different things, including a few details about the upcoming tour, what it was like to be back at the Grammys, and even what they eat backstage. Keep reading for some Backstreet quotables and click to read the entire interview!

“We ask for a coffee maker. That’s changed over the years. We’re getting a little older, we need a little caffeine!” - Brian (Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson Reveal Their Must-Eat Foods On Tour)

“They’re really nice guys. When we had the big radio hit with “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” they were all emailing me, thanking us for putting them back into the radio Top Ten [in the Adult Contemporary format] for the first time in a long time.” - Stuart Crichton on working with the Backstreet Boys

“We’re proud to come from an era of music that we feel is some of the best that ever came out. Late ’90s, early 2000s. I believe that people miss that era. I think they do want to relieve that nostalgic feeling. At the same time, [they want to] transcend with us, and that’s what we’re doing with them: growing with our fanbase.” - Nick (The Backstreet Boys Explain How They're Still on Top After 25 Years)

"What makes the Backstreet Boys cool again? It was good timing. It was us believing in our ability, but it was also not negating the fact of where we came from and all of the notoriety we had in the past." - Brian (I Had To Convince The Backstreet Boys They Were Cool)

“My five-year-old is a kid in a candy store. Every time he sees us perform he wants to get up onstage and dance. It's a blessing." - Kevin (Backstreet Boys' Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson Talk Parenting In The Spotlight)

“We have so many great memories here back in the day. We’ve been amongst so many great other artists nominated and just to be amongst [them]… it’s just a great experience.” - Howie (Backstreet Boys Explain Why It's 'Surreal' to Be Back at the Grammys 26 Years After Their Start)

“It's going to be a big one. It's our biggest tour in 18 years, it's our first arena tour in 18 years. It's pretty much sold out. It's going to be different from Las Vegas, I'll tell ya that. Obviously we are going to do all the hits, sprinkle in some of the new songs from the album as well as a couple of surprises and quite a few of our personal favorites. It's about an hour and forty five minute show. It's going to be non stop partying and we cannot wait to bring it around the entire world!" - AJ (AJ McLean Teases Backstreet Boys 2019 Tour Details)

“This is our 10th album and we're very proud of it. There are five of us and we all have various musical influences and tastes, and this album is a representation of that. There [are] different sonic sounds on here. You'll hear Nashville inspiration, you'll hear electronica, EDM, rock, pop, and hip-hop and R&B. And that kinda makes up our group DNA.” - Kevin (Backstreet Boys Recall Their Biggest Milestones & Memories, Talk 'DNA')

"We’re in the final stages of approving the stage design... that’s going to be close, intimate. We’re going to have some moments where we’ll be able to be intimate with the audience, you know, really close.” - Howie (Backstreet Boys on Grammy Nomination, DNA World Tour and How Music Has Changed Since The 90s)

"It's unbelievable for me because you start to realize that, number one, you've been around for a long time, and number two, you've done something impactful on this planet." - Nick (Backstreet Boys Are Back Again: How The Bestselling Boyband Has Gone The Distance)

“Nick and A.J., these two guys, the way they are on stage, and in the vocal group, they're fearless. They don't analyze themselves. They're not in their head. They're just free. So they've inspired me in that way. Brian's work ethic, his competitiveness, his beliefs. Howie, as he was saying himself, his sensitivity, his compassion, his Zen vibe inspires me. And his work ethic.” - Kevin (Backstreet Boys Are Back -- And They’re Not Going Anywhere)