1. All_roads_lead_to_ROME avatar

    Before heading to Japan and Asia, please stop in ROME!!
    Add just one date in the eternal city, many people from the southern Italy won't be able to reach Milan for the only tour date in our country. We still love you and support you, but we're all grown up and we all got jobs in our lifes too!!! So please, reach out to us and we won't desert you!

    Remember that..
    All roads lead to Rome ;)

    with love and support,
    one of your greatest fans.

  2. Kathyyy06 avatar

    Hellouuu bsb ya tendran fechas para chile..
    Dijieron que volverian????

  3. TinChristine avatar

    When will be the presale in the Philippines?
    Can’t wait for October no more ????

  4. AishahAnsari avatar

    Looks like the actual sale starts at 10am 30th March for Singapore pre sale. I’m already on the queue but it quoted a different concert in May and not BSB one in October...

  5. patsalvarez avatar

    just wanna know when the VIPs for the European tour will be announced...! C'mon guys!!! Singapore's one is already out and the concert is just in October!!

  6. EdithK avatar

    It's now 13:48 SGT, how do I buy the fan club pre-sale tickets?

  7. Zuraidah avatar

    Its 1032am and I'm still not able to purchase the pre sale tickets for Singapore.
    Any one else facing same issue?

  8. MONICA avatar

    Anyone else having issues to purchase tickets in the fan-club pre sale for Singapore show?

  9. Fazilah avatar

    When will fans usually get the fan presale code? Does anyone know?

  10. czerny rose avatar

    i love you guys! cant wait to see u guys!