1. anabarthel avatar

    Its so unfair that only a few cities have the M&G upgrade... We are waiting for Zurich!!!! Really is so annoying with the Fans here. WAHT A DISAPPOINTMENT WONDERFUL UNION...

  2. etsrellapp avatar

    Upgrades for London?

  3. KJStark21 avatar

    Could you please announce whether or not there will be VIP Upgrades sold for the Birmingham UK show?....Budgeting for the month would be a lot easier if knew for certain whether or not they will be available!

  4. ElsaEV avatar

    Please allow more VIP upgrades in Zurich, Switzerland all went sold out !
    Or at least an after party! I being trying to get 2 VIPS M&G and neither Ticketcorner or Ticketmaster has something available.

  5. Tizi avatar

    It's very unfair that m&g have been added only in some "select" cities. Either all or none.

  6. Louveamour avatar

    Why's Glasgow not in there, even though there are upgrades available? Why's Zurich in that list, even though both Live Nation and Ticketmaster confirmed that all M&Gs have been sold out for that city and there won't be added more? Any chance that these cities got mixed up? Everything else seems just unlogical to me.

    I think an official statement is very much needed. Don't let us have false hope when we won't even get the chance to get upgrades in the end.

  7. Katiuscola avatar

    Milano!!! Pleaaaaseeeee

  8. xoxsammyaxox avatar

    Wonderful Union I FRICKEN LOVE YOUUUUU!!!! Just bought my vip upgrade for glasgow. You have just made my only life long dream a reality xxxxxxxxx

  9. haggied avatar

    Thank you for adding Glasgow upgrades!

  10. x Julie x avatar

    I don’t understand why no one can just say “sorry there will be no additional upgrades for the UK”, or “we’re still working on this”. Ticketmaster are still selling DNA gold circle for Glasgow ??????????? And to advertise it as ‘UK & Europe’! Who knows! Communication has been awful.