1. We need more of these 'reimagined' songs! I miss you guys already. I saw you for the first time in Calgary for the DNA World Tour - and it was indescribable! Cheers to 26 more! Sending lots of love from Canada. :)

  2. Hi Guys!
    26 years ago, you started a path that, gladly for us, came to be AMAZING!
    We were children... 6, 7, 8 years old... But we already grooved at the rhythm of you music. 26 years have been passed, and the band of our lifes is still THE BACKSTREET BOYS.

    We are a group of Portuguese fans, who are still on the moon, after Saturday's show.... 19,800 people? First time Altice Arena's got sold out? 26 years later?
    It's a case to say BACKSTREET'S BACK ALRIGHT!
    It was the 6th time you came here ... Many of us went to all the shows, some only to some .. And some of them were the 1st time!
    1998, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2014 and 2019 ... We think that everything in life are circles that need to be closed in order for the balance to be maintained ... So, nothing better than closing the DNA World Tour here in Portugal too !
    What you say?
    Let's do it again!
    A 360-degree turn around the world ... Ending where it all started!
    We know we are a tiny country ... We are only 11 million ... But we have the best Ovos Mexidos (Scrambled eggs) and a heart the size of the world!

    You have no idea of ??the impact you caused, have you? It was surreal !!! That venue was NEVER that way.
    To join several generations for a show, is just something LEGENDARY. Some of us have been with you for 26 years, others have been more recently, but none of us was indifferent to what happened on Saturday, 11/5 / 2019 ... This date will be engraved forever in our hearts and we hope it stays recorded in yours too. But all this will be "incomplete" if you do not close your tour here with us. Let's sell out one more venue, we'll sell out tickets in the first week! We'll relive that night of emotions together and return to the past once again.
    Come back .... We will wait and hope, with that longing that only Backstreetboys fans feel.

  3. Love it! Getting this album after telling my mom that I had to have it right away which did work out before every copy was to be gone. I'd drive everyone a little crazy. I use to pretend that Nick was singing I need you tonight, to me. This album came out when I was nine years old. Me & my niece will be seeing you five lovley guys in August in Michigan! Lots of love from Michigan