News article image Soldier of the Month for March/April/May 2019 – Meet Natalie
May 19, 2019

Soldier of the Month for March/April/May 2019 – Meet Natalie

Enter to be the next Soldier of the Quarter here!

Backstreet Boys fans have been known to do crazy things to get to touch or actually meet and talk with the group, especially their favorite member. The boys have talked about times that they found fans sneaking on their bus, sleeping in their bunks back in the day, or even sneaking into their hotel rooms.

For Natalie Wade of St. Louis, Missouri, she did something a lot of girls probably tried to do – pretend to be Nick Carter’s girlfriend.

“Many years ago, when there was a Backstreet Boys concert, I remember trying to convince one of the security guys that I was Nick Carter’s girlfriend so that he would take me backstage to meet Nick,” Natalie said. “I tried telling him everything I could think of to convince him that I was really Nick’s girlfriend.”

Unfortunately, the security guard didn’t fall for it.

“It probably didn’t help that I looked like a fan with my ‘I Love BSB’ shirt on and then there was the issue of me being like 10 years old,” Natalie said.

Natalie, an executive assistant, who has been a member of the Backstreet Army for 24 years, finally had that dream of meeting Nick and the other Backstreet Boys in 2017 when they came to Chicago with Florida Georgia Line.

“I remember having to pretty much be peeled off of Nick Carter because I just wanted to keep hugging him for as long as I could,” she said.

Meet Natalie, your current Soldier of the Month.

Fan Club Username: Nats1221

Twitter: @being_me_2121

Where are you from? STL aka St.Louis MO

What do you do for a living? (job, etc.) Executive Assistant

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I'm best known for my super curly hair. My friends call me Natty. I have 2 miniature weenie dogs. When I was a kid, I used to think Nick Carter and I were going to get married. I still miss Nicks long blonde hair also known as the bowl cut. I could listen to 90s and early 2000 music all day long and never get sick of it. I also have a love for RomCom movies.

How long have you been a BSB fan? It's been 24 years since BSB came into my life and changed it forever. In the best way possible!

How did you become a fan? From what I can remember I believe the first time I became fan was when I used to watch MTV's TRL. When I'd come home from school that was all I cared about was watching that show and hoping to see BSBs music video on the top 10. After that it's memories of a lot of teen-bop and j14 type magazines and BSB posters all over my walls and at Sleepovers my friends and I used to always debate over which Backstreet Boy was hotter.

What is your favorite BSB memory? My favorite BSB memory was having my childhood dream come true and finally having the chance to meet the Backstreet Boys in 2017 in Chicago at the Florida Georgia Line/ Backstreet Boys concert. I remember having to pretty much be peeled off of Nick Carter because I just wanted to keep hugging him for as long as I could. Lol.

What is your favorite BSB song and why? How can you ask me that!? It hurts just to name one......... I'm going to go with..." I Need You Tonight" because Nick's voice gives me goosebumps. This song just gives me all the feels!

What is your favorite BSB video and why? Another hard question. I guess I'd say "As Long As You Love Me" because it brings back so many good memories.

Who is your favorite Backstreet Boy and why? Nick Carter has always been my biggest crush. Even to this day. Those eyes… that hair… that smile...that VOICE...need I say more!?

How has BSB impacted your life? Growing up listening to BSB they became everything I loved about life. They were my escape when things got hard and they were the life of the party when things were good. It seemed like they could never let me down. They gave me something to look forward to. They gave me hopes and dreams. They impacted the kind of music I love to this day. They made me into the ultimate fangirl. lol

What is your favorite thing about being a BSB fan? My favorite thing about being a BSB fan is how sweet all of the BSB fans are. BSB fans are a community and we all have one large common interest and that is that we LOVE the Backstreet Boys. I've met so many nice people through bonding over our love of the Backstreet Boys.

Have you been to Vegas? If so, how many times? I have been to Vegas 2 times. However, neither of those times were while the Backstreet Boys were performing. Although I would have LOVED to have gone and seen their show in Vegas and possibly got serenaded by Nick Carter haha.. I mean dreams can come true right?!

What DNA shows are you planning on attending? I plan on attending the DNA concert here in St. Louis. If I could I'd go to 10 more shows in 10 other cities as well.

What has been your favorite BSB moment over the past almost 26 years? With social media allowing us to connect with the Backstreet Boys now more than ever before, we get to really see their personalities. So the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of my favorite BSB moment is .. the time they made that video to the Harlem Shake. It Still makes me laugh so hard!

What's one thing you are most looking forward to with the future of the Backstreet Boys? One thing I most look forward to with the future of the Backstreet Boys is my hope to go on a BSB cruise!! :)