1. It was a dream come true!! I ve been in Lisbon, Barcelona and Paris... 3 amazing shows!! I had the pleasure to share the 3 concerts with my best friend Ana, Im from Argentina and she is from Spain, and we have been this dream for the las 25 years, share a BSB concert and DNA our was the perfect ocation. Here I leave you a video that I made with the song No Place https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrOSkIecgfA&t=11s

  2. Thanks for this incredible tour! It's EPIC ?? I'm beyond thankful to get the chance to see the show three times. Had such a blast each time - Hannover, Birmingham & Cologne!
    Met awesome new people, created new friendships ???? and felt like a teen again ????. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! ???? #ktbsbpa

  3. I can only hope they won't let us wait another 5 years again before they come back to us... Been to the show in Belgium, DNA Circle VIP and it was EPIC, was the best night of my life! The production tour, meeting the boys (well... men ;-) ), chilling in the VIP lounge with drinks and snacks and then enjoying the best show ever from the best possible spot in the venue: the center pit. # the perfect night. Miss them already so sincerely hoping they won't let us go through the torture of waiting another 5 years again. Maybe do another run of this tour...? ;-) xxx a Belgian fan