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    Can't even get info on how to get the presale code this site is so confusing

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    When come to México ?????????

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    Dear BSB,

    First time reaching out, longggg time listener! I am writing to let you know about my serious love for the Backstreet Boys! There’s no better music to me than the perfected harmony’s of BSB. I listen all the time, all the old albums, while at work, cooking dinner, getting ready, you name it, they’ve accompanied me at some point! Before they dropped this new album, while all my friends just giggled and rolled their eyes at me when yet another BSB song comes on my playlists, I get instant joy when I hear them! Now all my girlfriends are back on the BSB Bandwagon since they’ve been dropping new music again. My very first AIM screen name was “LilBSBgurl09” *insert eyeroll emoji here*, but I tell you, there’s no other singer or band in music that I place above them. When I heard the news of them creating their DNA album, I immediately knew they would follow it up with a tour, and man oh man when a Detroit date was released, I was so pumped! My dad has always bought my tickets to all their other concerts I’ve attended, including my very first concert EVER, BSB, at the Palace for the Millennium tour, he even got us a suite to make my first time extra special! I’ve even sat third row when they toured with New Kids on the Block a few summers ago. Never understood why some fans cry at concerts, well, I joined in those ranks as they slowly made their way dancing down the stage, building major anticipation, until they were just an arm’s reach away. Felt ALL the emotions that night, and still one of my all time greatest summer nights of my 20’s, ever. My dad of course got me tickets for next Monday, with one condition, my boyfriend has to be my +1. Oh yeah, did I mention, HIS birthday is the day after the concert? In the 2 years of dating and cohabitating, I’ve taken a long time N*sync fan and completely converted him over to Team BSB! You should see his dance moves when they come on at a wedding or something, he’s really gotten down the whole point and fist clutch move!! Clearly this man is the right guy for me, because I know plenty of other men out there that would rather me turn the song when they come on- nope not my guy- he’s a real keeper like that!! So I got the email announcement from their website about Meet & Greets a couple weeks ago. I had this huge moment of excitement- like finally, here’s my chance to meet these guys-wrong! Detroit wasn’t an option on the list!! My heart broke into pieces, and chances slipped right out of my fingers, a quick as they came. I am 100% certain the VIP package was not on the original list on the BSB email. Im looking at the website today and NOW Detroit showed on the list!? What the heck!? I would have purchased when I got the email if Detroit was on there, but it wasnt even an option, and now the website says it is but its sold out!? Another MAJOR letdown, that is, until I was hanging out pool side yesterday and heard the announcement of a meet & greet give away by one of the local readio stations! I called my boyfriend and since he’s such an early bird, he has now been assigned to listen to that show all week long! He’s on radio watch while I’m listening on my laptop in the office at work. How can I get ahead?! Could you imagine if you were able to do your part in making this girls longtime dream come true!? Seems like you’re my only one true hope!!

    Hopeful & Fondly, JaLyn

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    I am very sad that I am not able to upgrade my 2 tickets to be VIP tickets and to be able to meet The Backstreet Boys. Apparently the VIP tickets were sold out right away and I didn't see the e-mail until shortly after the e-mail was sent to me. It is very sad for me and my youngest son and very disappointing. We will still be there on August 3rd to see them, because I've been wishing to see them for a long time.

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    So once again those ADA are excluded. Bummer!! ??

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    Anyone willing to sell their upgrade for 7/12? I tried buying online, Are they sold out? What's the deal?

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    I'd love to meet you guys if I had the money but yet I'll be seeing you guys August 12th!! Me & my niece hoping to maybe meet one of you guys while being out. Lots of love from Michigan!!

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    I wish there are other options for the VIP upgrades. We love you but I hope you come up with different types of M&G experience - like photos only, etc. Not everybody wants or can drink. My almost 4-year old boy and I just wants to see you and maybe get a hug... but we can't afford it.

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    Great! None for New York, and if I don’t see these guys again soon, I will most likely go ballistic and have a ???? breakdown, like I already do. I’ve been wanting to see these guys since I was small