1. Meet and Great Argentina!, Total desepción - lack of help - you need a better guide on the page
    I will try to be brief and explain the low points of this page that by not having a specific guide on how to get to the effective purchase of M&G, almost all people who do not have experience with all this, come across a possibility (as it happened to me to me on 01/16/2020) we ended up losing it totally in a very unfair way! First, the M&G sales departure time is not well specified in the country where the purchase is made: since only Pacific time is shown, second: just today (01/17/2020) I just finished to find out that the specific time in my M&G sales country was at 3:00 pm Arg. and yesterday when I thought it was at 10 am Arg. Tickets were sold out! (totally illogical) and the last but not least important is the fact that when entering the M&G purchase page it is not specified that in the second step you can already choose the payment method, when, in general, this happens at the end of the transaction (and this I also learned today by a fan of a Facebook club, since in my country the PayPal payment method is deactivated by a government decree. They should really have a little more guidance on what I specify since, as I said before, the few possibilities that are presented to us end up losing most of us for not having the experience of buying the M&G and it is quite unfair to compare them with those that already have it and / or the VIPs. To the seriousness of this case, coupled with the fact that only one show will be held in Argentina, they should cancel the subscription of all M&G tickets sold, and put them on sale again (and notify by mail, since it seems not what they did), so that everyone has the same possibility of obtaining an M&G from their program. And I clarify that I am only talking about my country, but it seems that the same thing happened in Chile and Brazil!
    I hope you can read this and try to change this or that the next experiences will be more equitable for everyone! Many thanks to Vanesa.
    hagan circular esto chicas para que llegue a los backstreet boys
    circulate this girls to reach the backstreet boys

  2. Second date in Mexico City pleaseeeeeee!!!

  3. Como não vai ter show em Belo Horizonte eu comprei ingresso para Uberlandia.

    As there will be no show in Belo Horizonte I bought a ticket to Uberlandia.

  4. hi, how can i get the code to buy my ticket in Mexico?

  5. Please open another date for concert in Mexico City!!!


  6. Good night. Disappointed that I tried to buy the Pit ticket for the show in sao paulo brazil, on the day of presale 08/30/19 at 10 am and was already sold out at this time of start of sales. I hope you will take action on this as many fans like me who pay the fan club have been harmed by this. Thanks Kátia- Brazil

  7. ¿Cómo puedo conseguir un meet and greet en Guadalajara y cuándo saldrán a la venta??

    Si alguien vende 2 boletos en zona PIT, zona a o zona B, me avisa por favor, ya que solo pude conseguir en la zonaarena GP 08 y creo que se van a ver muy lejos. ='(

  8. Por favor abran otra fecha en Ciudad de Mexico
    Somos muchas las que no pudimos conseguir entradas al concierto del 21 de febrero de 2020

    Por favorrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!
    Otra Fecha en Ciudad de Mexico!!!

  9. se necesita tener la membresia para comprar el VIP?
    si alguien vende PIT en GDL me avisan, quiero 2!!

  10. Como puedo adquirir un Meet & Greet para Cd. De Mexico???