1. Yosoyoshin avatar

    Can anybody tell me if you need to be a paid membership in order to access the pre sale?

  2. Lauraquevedo avatar


  3. Tere Glez avatar

    I'm so excited!!! Waiting for you here in Guadalajara. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  4. Karmita Kozaki avatar

    OMG! Can't wait!! My heart can't resist this news haha I'm from PARAGUAY, so I have to decide between Brazil and Argentina.. I hope there's Meet&Greet access that I could afford please!!! See you soon BSB!

  5. Montserrat Reguera avatar

    Alguien sabe cómo el la preventa para fans?

  6. Priscilla Hernandez V avatar

    I’m so excited! Can’t wait for it! ???????????????????????? Costa Rica ????The Perfect Fan??????????

  7. Romy soldier avatar

    FC BSB SOLDIERS CHILE estamos a la espera de nuestros amores!!! NECESITAMOS 2 CONCIERTOS ???? LOS AMAMOS MUCHO

  8. Pelu_avila avatar

    deberían haber hecho 2 fechas en Chile :(
    Pero aqui los esperamos!!!!!!!

  9. Anny16 avatar

    Qué emoción mi corazoncito late cada vez más fuerte... 1 marzo llega rápido

  10. Karen Miska avatar

    I'm excited to see you again in my country CHILE!
    I can't wait for next year...