1. Congrats. I also had a 1st bsb concert and 20 years later had a 2nd bsb concert!!! DNA tour was amazing.

  2. Que gran emoción!! Leerles hace a mi corazón latir muy rápido!. Muchas felicidades!

  3. Wow, me encantan las caras que traen de los chicos, me gusta que le den reconocimiento a las Fans, Felicidades chicas

  4. Congrats! It's true seeing BSB for the first time I was 24, and I finally got to see them again on the DNA tour, over the summer here in Michigan. The little girl came out of me all over again. Lol. I'm such a Nick girl. Lol. ????

  5. Quit Playing Games was the first BSB song I ever heard too! And the first music video I saw! Been in love ever since!! Congrats on Soldier of the Month, girly!!