1. kazza a avatar

    I thought this price would let you watch them in rehearsals and have a question and answer

  2. Lourdes Esquivel avatar

    Hola ojala y no les pase lo mismo que del Meet & Greet aquí en Costa Rica. Después de haber sacrificado muchas cosas para poder comprarlo y conocerlos en persona por primera vez, un sueño de toda la vida, fue totalmente decepcionante ya que el que se supone el mejor día de mi vida, fue tristemente lo contrario, ya que después de gastar tanta plata, resultan que no se podían abrazar ni besar y fue todo totalmente rápido no pude ni volverlos a ver, era entrando y saliendo en segundos quede totalmente desilusionada. Si no les gusta que los abracen y becen deberían entonces hacer Meet & Creer.

  3. Rebecca Roberts avatar

    I’m not happy at all, paid $820 plus on top of that they charge you a $40 booking fee which you have to then convert over to aus dollars which is then $58. I tell you now I definitly won’t be doing this again. It’s the disgusting the price...

  4. Rannonj avatar

    Sorry where is prices for Aust?

  5. meagan stanbury avatar

    I don’t understand the reasoning behind charging so much, $500 would seem fair for everyone considering your not knowing what is included for the $820 plus booking fees if they add that on. It gives no lee way to afford merchandise plus food and drink. Like a previous comment it’s over half our rent. It’s pretty disappointing to be honest, do the right thing by your fans, it’s least you can do

  6. Donna Caducio avatar

    $820 is already our House Rent for a month and a half.. I love you guys since 1996 and I haven't been to any of your concerts.. This is the first time that I'm going to your concert since I am raised from a poor living.. So I really hope that you consider your meet and greet in a low price if you really care for your fans..

  7. lilkidnicky84 avatar

    Please reconsider the price for your NZ fans too, last tour l did Gold VIP and it was just over $400. I get you guys are more popular again but you say your fans are family so lower the price please. I have CF and not a lot of money and am heart broken l won’t get to catch up with you guys all over money...

  8. Susieq82 avatar

    Isnt there anyway it could be $500 Australian dollars to make it more fair for all of us here who have no control over the conversion rates. It feels loke we are being punished just because our dollar has dropped which has nothing to do with the fans.. we love the boys and want a chance to have a meet and greet with them but in reality we are being charged twice as much as everyone else because of something beyond our control.. please make it fair and make it $500 Australian dollars so we can have the same opertunity as the rest of the world

  9. Rebecca Roberts avatar

    Hi do we actually know what we get in the vip package for $820. My friend last had meet n greet was after concert an metros an was a photo an thats it an only 3 of them were there. You pay all that money an expect them to all be there. Bit rude. But they only paid around $400 roughly. So for $820 this time I would be expecting something abit better then just a photo. Or I’ll be complaining. Has anyone else spoken to ppl that have already been an what they got in vip meet n greet. I always thought meet n greet was before the concert not after like what they did last time. Was more a after party. I will be expecting all 5 to be there at meet n greet or I’ll be a saying something as I’m gona be paying a lot of money as I’ve already forked our $520 for my dna circle ticket.

  10. JulesV avatar

    Being a fan from the beginning, I’m really, really heartbroken as I was looking forward to doing the m&g this time around but unfortunately looking at over $800aus it’s just unimaginable. As much as I believe they are all for the fans, pricing such as this makes me second guess...very disappointing.