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April 23, 2020

Blogger Spotlight: 10 of the Most Underrated Backstreet Boys songs

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With hundreds of songs in the Backstreet Boys’ library of master pieces, fans have their own lists of underrated songs that are just not appreciated enough. For Andreina Camejo, who has been a Backstreet Boys fan since the late ‘90s, the blog post idea came from another article.

“The idea for the blog post came after reading an article about some of the songs that a lot of people are not aware of that are out there,” Andreina, who can’t choose between Nick Carter, AJ McLean, or Howie Dorough, has her favorite Backstreet Boy, said.

While her favorite Backstreet Boys songs are “I Want It That Way” and “All I Have To Give,” she had a good reason to write the blog post.

“I wrote it so other BSB fans can see what other songs they have out there not they are quite familiar with and hopefully still enjoy their music,” Andreina said.

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How long have you been a Backstreet Boys fan? - I have been a fan of the Backstreet Boys since the late 1990s. How long have you been a fan club member? I have been a member of the Site for three years but just purchased the fan club membership back in March of this year!
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