News article image Fan Spotlight: Christy D. from Houston
September 15, 2020

Fan Spotlight: Christy D. from Houston

As a Backstreet Boys fan, the recent COVID-19 pandemic that literally stopped the world from turning and caused the postponement of the 2020 DNA World Tour, it affected Christy Delilah of Houston a little differently.

Christy, a Backstreet Boys fan since 1996, just started work at a huge hospital as a Nurse, Tech, and Unit Clerk. She was brand new to her job when the pandemic hit and had only been there for two months.

“I was really nervous talking to the big top dogs about situations that occurred,” Christy said. “But [Backstreet Boys] helped me overcome that. I try to be positive, especially during the pandemic. Dealing with so much loss and feeling of an uncertain future, I feel the boys impacted me to look forward to something that brings me so much joy and happiness. They truly have always impacted my life in a positive way when other music or situations can bring me down.”

The Backstreet Boys came into Christy’s life and even helped her from the first note she heard.

“I was at a school dance and I heard ‘I'll Never Break Your Heart,’ [and] it instantly calmed me down from dancing with this boy that I did not like,” she said. “I instantly knew this was going to be something I loved to listen to. Kevin's voice was so soothing.”

Christy was able to attend her first Backstreet Boys concert on February 29, 1999 at the Compaq Center, which is now Joel Osteen's church.

“I thought it was so cool seeing them,” she said. “We ended up getting floor seats with my parents. I grew up in a strict Greek household and we were not able to do anything fun. We basically adhering to the same story of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding.’ I remember it also being so amazing because what are the chances of seeing them on a leap year?”

According to Christy, one of the craziest things she’s done is to travel to Las Vegas to see the Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life” Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood as a birthday gift.

“[I was] wearing the T-shirt that I got when I went with my parents back in 1999. Crazy that I found it and I still fit in it,” she said. “Nick Carter picks me of all people in the crowd for the signed water bottle. I felt that because my dad recently passed it was the moment of my dad being there. My dad took me to both of Nick's solo albums concerts. He also took me to almost all of my BSB shows.”

On top of seeing the Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas twice in 2019 (she also went to the anniversary show), she was also able to attend the DNA World Tour twice – once in Houston and once in Lafayette.

“I traveled with a friend to see them in Lafayette and far back seats front ROW here in Houston,” she said. “DNA Circle was well worth it. Vegas made me spoiled and I needed more! My boyfriend loved Las Vegas so much that he even agreed and ended up going to the iHeartRadio 2019 that year too with me. It was amazing to see them with Steve Aoki live! I literally had three Backstreet Boys concerts in a month.”

Her favorite part of the DNA World Tour was before “As Long As You Love Me,” when Nick is sitting and meditating in front of a huge crowd.

“He is sitting down peaceful as can be shows me how down to earth he truly is and how he can connect to a fan with a simple gesture as that,” Christy said.

And like most fans this summer, Christy is trying her best to live with a BSB drought – no tour, no events, nothing – all thanks to the Coronavirus.

“[I’m] constantly watching YouTube videos of other songs,” she said. “[I was] also was lucky enough to do Nick’s Looped call. That was so exciting and brought a huge smile to my face. Keeping up with the Boys’ side events on Twitter or social media to the best ability I can.”

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