1. Would it be better to by a GA ticket or a ticket in the VIP section? Besides getting an actual seat does it come with any other perk? It says VIp meet & greet packages coming soon. If you have already bought a ticket, surely the package won't come with another one right? Think it will be an add on optin?

  2. Does anyone know if we have to specifically buy VIP tickets in order to get the meet and greet?

  3. YAY! A Caregiver Getaway and Fan Girl escape right before Christmas! Got my tickets and ready for you to get me even more Christmassy!

  4. Does anyone know what comes with a VIP ticket? It's not the m&g so I don't know if it's worth it to purchase.

  5. Presale code can be found in your dashboard

  6. Where is code???

  7. So excited!! Where can we find the code?

  8. *shrieks in excitement* Yes!

  9. Where can we find the presale code?

  10. Amazing! Wouldn't want to miss the show.......
    But with Europeans not yet welcome to travel to the USA, I'm not sure if I will take the risk of buying tickets.

    This would be the first tour ever I would have to miss :-(