Today, 4/20, marks the 18th anniversary of the day that our favorite Backstreet Boys were formed. Let's celebrate by wishing them a happy anniversary and listening to BSB all day long (as if we don't already!)!

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  1. Tifanie avatar

    Merci pour tout, je suis fan depuis mes 12 ans. Je suis toujours aussi ravie de vous ├ęcouter. J'ai grandit avec vous et ce ne sont que de bons souvenirs et je suis certaine qu'il y en aura encore.

  2. Luana Basi avatar

    BSB ... Forever :) I love ????

  3. aLiKi avatar

    Happy Anniversary sweet sweet BSB!!! I grew up with you, with your music and I just LOVE YOU.

  4. PhotoGirl83 avatar

    What a day for an anniversary....(think about it!) lol

    I think AJ should bring back that hairstyle! :)

  5. Ana Rafaela avatar

    Happy 18th Anniversary!!! I have followed you boys now for 15 glorious years.

  6. Ana avatar

    They are even prettier today!!!! But I am amazed how Brian didn change a bit! I love them, and I always will!! =)

    Late congratulations.... better later than never!

  7. squirrell1957 avatar

    Happy anniversary guys. Keep up the great work. Will always be a fan. Love you...

  8. Lori Ann avatar

    happy 18 years anniversaty!!! i posted my own blog about it lol

  9. jdjullie, avatar

    Happy. Anniversary. Bsb. Wow. Can't believe it so hard to believe 18 years and counting. Wow. And I can't believe they already have there 7 album out also this years album wow. I grow up listing too them. So hard to believe. Love you nick and bsb very munch. Love Babygirl.

  10. LIXENBSB avatar

    Happy anniversary boys!OMG A's hair in that pic is awfull but so loveble as always and all getting better and better with years... KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE 4EVAH

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