Clizbeats Productions Presents “The Nick Carter Story: How The Youngest Backstreet Boy Became A Man“

From Clizbeats.com

Right before Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys hit the road with New Kids On The Block  on one of the hottest tours of the summer, he checked in with Clizbeats.com! Nick talked in detail with Craig and Matt Clizbe of Clizbeats.com about anything and everything, in a career spanning candid  discussion! ! Listen to this rare exclusive tell all interview with one of Pop music’s biggest stars, on Clizbeats.com!

Click here to listen to the full interview!

  1. melis584 avatar

    loved it!

  2. marlen avatar

    que bellooooo!!!!

  3. Rachel Abert Loves those BSB Forever !!!! avatar

    I'm happy of you Nick that you make your music out of postive thoughts and when is the album going to be out ? keep making that music Nick

  4. USER avatar

    When are the backstreet boys going to tour the uk again cant wait ?

  5. kateriggs258 avatar

    not much is going on sad

  6. kateriggs258 avatar

    me to

  7. kateriggs258 avatar

    thanks for posting videos of nick on my facebook page.

  8. ILoveNickolasGeneCarter avatar

    Hi everyone-- I am selling some of my BSB merchandise that I don't need anymore, as I really need the extra money atm. Msg me if you're interested in anything:

    Extra copy of the limited edition NKOTBSB CD/DVD (comes with a tour poster inside!)
    1998 Tour t-shirt
    Burger King "For the Fans" CD
    Key chain from the "This is Us" tour

  9. Ana Rafaela avatar

    Que olhos são esses Nick?

  10. portomuc avatar

    wow its really long but so great made. I'm not having the time now to listen to every thing but i loved the beginning and the part over his new record I'M taking of. and it does reminds me over how long I'm standing right beside Nick and his Music, That his Music and the Music of the Backstreet Boys are half of my life. When i became a Backstreet Boys fan i just turned 13 and look at me now i'm 29 almost 30... times may change but the LOVE for NICK and the Backstreet Boys will always survive... Once a BAckstreet Boys Fan always a BSB Fan... :) Thanks Alex

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