1. Nick girl avatar

    I would love tickets

  2. Christy Chavira avatar

    please contact me if uou have anymore or still have them

  3. Christy Chavira avatar

    hey what up do you know were i can purchase VIP or pre party tickets thanks

  4. Sophlovesbsb avatar

    Hope everyone that goes has a great time!! :)

  5. ILoveNickolasGeneCarter avatar

    Hi everyone-- my account is going to expire, so if anyone is interested in my BSB stuff, here is my e-mail address, as you won't be able to msg me through here: [email protected] Thanks! =)

    1998 tour t-shirt
    Burger King For the Fans CD (1st one with red cover)
    Key chain from the This is Us tour
    Extra copy of limited edition NKOTBSB CD/DVD (comes with a tour poster)
    Extra copy of Nick's CD/DVD "Now or Never"
    Extra copy of Nick's CD "I'm Taking Off" (Canadian release that includes bonus video footage)

  6. xKtx avatar

    If anybody would like 2 tickets at $25 each no service charge please PM me. My brower froze while i was ordering the first lot and i didn't realise it had saved them. Thanks

  7. LudivineBsbLoVe avatar

    like me .........i understand you .....it s the same for me ...........omg i m so depressed ........... xoxo from france

  8. MelMuff avatar

    Anyone selling VIP? My friends need one.

  9. ILoveNickolasGeneCarter avatar

    Hi everyone-- I forgot to add 2 more items I have for sale:

    Nick's CD "Now or Never" which comes with a DVD (I already have a copy)
    Nick's CD "I'm Taking Off" which is the Canadian release and includes bonus video footage (I already have a copy)

  10. vkrosvik avatar

    Wish I could been there :(