Announcing Geneva NKOTBSB Date

The Fan Club presales for Geneva will be as follows:

Fan Club Presale: 6pm CET on Thursday, November 17th
VIP Upgrade Presale: 6pm CET on Thursday, November 17th

Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, November 18th at 8am CET.

  1. deedeel avatar

    the link to buy tickets for Geneva is :

    There are tickets GA of CHF 80.00 (Swiss francs) and Tribune tickets for CHF 90.00

  2. ILoveNickolasGeneCarter avatar

    Hi everyone-- my account is going to expire, so if anyone is interested in my BSB stuff, here is my e-mail address, as you won't be able to msg me through here: [email protected] Thanks! =)

    1998 tour t-shirt
    Burger King For the Fans CD (1st one with red cover)
    Key chain from the This is Us tour
    Extra copy of limited edition NKOTBSB CD/DVD (comes with a tour poster)
    Extra copy of Nick's CD/DVD "Now or Never"
    Extra copy of Nick's CD "I'm Taking Off" (Canadian release that includes bonus video footage)

  3. mili avatar


    I tried to get the tickets for Geneva and the website keeps asking me to register and pay USD40 per month in order to get them... can anyone post me the link to get the tickets please? :)


  4. nicksgirl avatar

    2011? isnt suppost to say 2012? lol

  5. BSB4evr712 avatar

    Hey, is anyone going on the cruise and want to meet? I'm from the United States and would love to get to know some locals before coming to Geneva. Please message me!

  6. BSB4evr712 avatar

    Does anyone have a seating chart?

  7. dusanka avatar

    this will be my best birthday ever, so i do want to be there on concert with platinum ticket*fingers crossed*!

  8. SilverMoon28 avatar

    If I hadn't hit my credit card limit, I'd be crazy enough to do it, but I can't justify a 6th platinum VIP! As much as I wish I could :P

  9. Sophie(Sweden) avatar

    Please come to Stockholm Sweden!!! :D

  10. Melany avatar

    oooooooooooh my GOD !!! THANKS GOD, I cant believe it, finally - after more than 17years - they're coming in my area (or closer!!!) ! The FRENCH part of Switzerland, I cant believe it, Im so excited :-) Backstreet's Back, all right :-) woop woop, party time !!!!! THANKS THANKS THANKS, KTBSPA !

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