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    new kids and bsb rule! fan, titanicrose

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    Hi everyone-- I'm selling some of my BSB/Aaron Carter merchandise that I don't need anymore, as I really need the money atm. Please e-mail me if you're interested in anything at: [email protected], as I'm not able to view my messages since my account has expired. I'm not able to renew it at this time. Thanks :)

    Burger King For the Fans CD
    Key chain from the This is Us tour
    After party poster from NKOTBSB tour
    Extra copy of Nick's CD "I'm Taking Off" (Includes bonus video footage)
    Aaron Carter CD (comes with poster)
    Aaron's Party CD (booklet folds out into poster)
    Oh Aaron CD (Feat Nick)
    AC Another Earthquake CD
    AC Surfin' USA CD single (Includes a song feat Aaron & BSB)

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    Great news!!

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    That is just awesome as!! :-D

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    That's good new's for Melbourne!. :)


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    South America please?????

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    I'm super excited!!!!!! I'm going to the Brisbane show and looks like i'll be going to this 2nd Melbourne show!!!! Just gotta work out some accommodation though...

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    I'm so excited!!!!! Thank you!!!!! :)

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    YAY So excited! Go Melbourne! Cannot wait! Thank you boys!!!

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