March 27, 2008

VIP Soundcheck Upgrades for Europe! (UPDATED DAILY)

The European tour now has VIP Soundcheck Upgrades available!

Go to to check it out :)

The password will be changing daily.

Today's password is:  mattrules 


Please us the email address associated with your Backstreet Boys account. 


Included in the Backstreet Boys VIP Soundcheck Upgrade:

  • Watch the Backstreet Boys perform 3 or 4 songs
  • Q&A
  • 1 Pre-signed photo
  • Ability to bring one item to get signed
  • 1 Individual photo with the Backstreet Boys


This package does not include tickets to the show. To attend the soundcheck, you must have a valid ticket. 


Please remove yourself from any contest for any show that you have purchased a VIP upgrade for by clicking "Cancel Entry" on your profile.


VIP & Soundcheck times are posted on the news entry "Soundcheck Winners & VIP Times!"