1. Mariana avatar

    thank you guys for doing this!

  2. annekathrine avatar

    I think it's awesome that you are going to SA, but why Sun City? Why not Joburg or Cape Town? If you go to SA without going to Cape Town you are seriously missing out on the best part of SA ;) + you're doing this a month too early cause I'm moving back there in the end of July... :(

  3. LuvDee23 avatar

    wow...BSB are doing they're thing!!!

  4. kimasabe ~ L.A. West :) avatar

    SUPER to read such positive press about our fellas. RIGHT ON!

  5. sofdlovesbsb avatar

    that's great news for people in sin city. have a great time to anyone who is going.

  6. Mrs_Backstreet avatar

    Congrats to the boys, again showing how lovely they are...

  7. mermaid_1966 avatar

    Can I just say that I am so PROUD of all the boys! They have so many commitments to fans and family and they manage it all with a smile on their faces. Even when they are ill they do the best they can for us.
    I have kept Backstreet Pride alive for 13 years and I will for the next 13 - I am a proud fan and I support them no matter what country they are in!!

    Good luck for the rest of the tour and for when each boy goes to do their solo stuff. You are always in our hearts - stay safe

  8. b_roksta avatar

    to the girl below...so what African fans are less deserving than those in Greece? The boys have just been to Europe, they cant possibly go to every country. Thats such a stupid comment.

  9. Constance_ avatar

    Come to GREECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is so unfair you are even going to Africa!!!!!!!!!

  10. deedee avatar

    That is so awesome for you guys to travel all around the world and having the people listen to your music. That must be a great feeling after hard working:)