1. I gotten my photo, thanks a bunch!! :)

  2. What's the deal with you folks NOT responding to the question of why fanclub members in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, Canada were overcharged by 20% taxes on their tickets?
    Everyone paid an extra $15 per ticket plus a $5 'shipping' charge, when the tickets have to be picked up at the venue. Many fanclub members on the East Coast of Canada are very disgruntled and are not pleased with how this 'fanclub' is run!
    And what's up with sending out the seating arrangements for fanclub members in St.John's, Newfoundland only for members to go to the Mile One box office to be told, 'Sorry tickets are not printed off yet, still waiting to hear from the fanclub company'???
    If you ask me, this is one very disorganized, poorly run operation!

  3. aun no me entero de las cosas con tanto ingles, hay almas caritativas que expliquen por ejemplo de que iba este tema??? Alguien ha ganado una foto... pero habia concurso o algo?? jorrrr!!

  4. congrats :)

  5. Yeah, Shay!!!! Way to go, woman! :-)

  6. Congrats

  7. congrats!

  8. Congrats!
    Hoping I get lucky for Montreal Soundcheck now :P

  9. Thanks guy's!! :) I've been trying to tell you personally to say thanks but things has been crazy here lately, I'm leaving for a vacation tomorrow, it's been chaos lol! :)

  10. congratulations to the winner !!!