NKOTBSB LIVE from the O2

Watch @NKOTBSB LIVE from the O2 London 29/April via PPV WEBCAST! Tickets available NOW! #nkotbsb

  1. Sarah avatar

    Watching it now and the connection is awful! It keeps cutting out!

  2. ILoveNickolasGeneCarter avatar

    Hi everyone-- I'm selling some of my BSB/Aaron merchandise that I don't need anymore, as I really need the money atm. Please e-mail me if you're interested in anything at: [email protected], as I'm not able to view my messages since my account has expired. I'm not able to renew it at this time. Thanks :)

    Burger King For the Fans CD (1st one w/red cover)
    Key chain from the This is Us tour
    After party poster from NKOTBSB tour
    All 4 Aaron Carter CDs (Some come with posters and feat Nick)
    Aaron Carter Surfin' USA CD single (w/song feat Aaron & BSB)

  3. Ashley:) avatar

    Has anyone been successful with purchasing the online ticket on an iPad ? When I click the link for the site an option to buy doesn't come up. Does anyone know why ?? Thank you :) KTBSPA!!

  4. Franca Sparaco avatar

    I'm soo excited for this! I bought my ticket and the best part is that I get to share this with my best friend, which is my sister and with my newphew, his 1st KNOTBSB Live Show!

  5. Karen avatar

    I bought 2 tickets to the cinema showing 8pm Sunday £15 each. loads avail i think - ask ur nearest cinems if they doing it.

  6. Lynn Summers avatar

    Bought my ticket today. Cant wait.
    Had a ticket for a cinema, but had to cancel it. :-(
    So I hope this will be as great to see it on my computer as for those who see it on a big screen!

  7. Hollie regan avatar

    There playing it i'n uk cinemas on Sunday evening at 8pm.

  8. Asia avatar

    @Mrs.Mclean: it's gonna be an on-line transmission. PPV... Go to the site they provided and you'll know everything.

  9. Asia avatar

    The show starts at 20:45 GMT, which means 8:45 pm GMT.
    Check the time zones to see at what time it's gonna be aired at your country/state.
    It's not that hard to do ;)

  10. Heather avatar

    what time does the online start in the us?

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