Have u voted BSB inthe @MTVnews Battle of the Boy Bands?  Cast your vote!http://www.mtv.com/content/news/2012/boybandbattle/

  1. Kristin avatar

    Theres no way westlife would beat bsb thats poll is screwed up

  2. b-rok86 avatar

    noooo, we lost :|

  3. ILoveNickolasGeneCarter avatar

    Hi everyone-- I'm selling some of my BSB/Aaron merchandise that I don't need anymore, as I really need the money atm. Please e-mail me if you're interested in anything at: [email protected], as I'm not able to view my messages since my account has expired. I'm not able to renew it at this time. Thanks :)

    Burger King For the Fans CD (1st one w/red cover)
    Key chain from the This is Us tour
    After party poster from NKOTBSB tour
    All 4 Aaron Carter CDs (Some come with posters and feat Nick)
    Aaron Carter Surfin' USA CD single (w/song feat Aaron & BSB)

  4. ILoveNickolasGeneCarter avatar

    I voted and will keep on doing it! =)

  5. maes avatar

    well I am gonna vote for whoever is against westlife, and not because of westlife because I have nothing against them. ( I actually enjoyed few songs of them back in the days) but because of some of their fans.

  6. Chiara S avatar

    well since we apparently lost thanks to a few dirty fans..lets put our votes to NKOTBSB!

  7. Official BSB Fan avatar

    mtv stinks they aren't about music it's terrible their not accepting my vote's
    ohh well the guilt is on the cheating westlife so called fan's and mtv for an unfair contest.........KTBSPA besides we got rolling stone's the better site now that was the best list who need's mtv not me :)bsb forever

  8. Official BSB Fan avatar

    That site is so rigged every time I vote it goes down and it seems that the other band's fans are cheating but according to mtv they allow no cheating I don't get it.....it's all a rigged competition they know BSB would have more vote's than anyone if it was true because BSB the best!!!

  9. S-Class avatar

    I voted (a few times I must confess), but it seems either the votes don't count or they count backwards, it looks rigged.

  10. maes avatar

    somehow everytime I vote the point is going backwards favoring Westlife

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