BSBBQ Tickets On Sale!

Tickets for the BSBBQ August 18th at Mixtape Festival are now on sale! Remember that you need to have a ticket to Mixtape Festival in order to attend the BSBBQ. With your BSBBQ ticket you will enjoy the following:

  • BBQ (obviously!)
  • Free Soda and Water
  • 2 Drink Tickets for the bar
  • Games
  • Meet and Greet with BSB
  • Group Photo with BSB (photos will be in groups of 10)
Get your tickets here now!



  1. blacknbluerocks *jen* avatar

    what an amazing BBQ event. well done Backstreet Boys! :) and of course to the bsb staff as well :). u guys have definitely improved (comparing to the beach party of course! )

  2. alys_littrell avatar

    mi sueƱo es conocer a los backstreet boys pero estoy en uruguay es imposible!!

  3. roxygirlkathy avatar

    i hope there's a contest! i'm flying from california!

  4. roxygirlkathy avatar

    anyone have 2 extra bsbbq tix?!??! sold out already :(

  5. ILoveNickolasGeneCarter avatar

    Hi everyone-- I'm selling some of my BSB/Aaron items, as I need the money atm. Please e-mail me if you're interested in anything at: [email protected], as I'm not able to view my messages.Thanks :)
    Key chain from the This is Us tour
    After party poster from NKOTBSB tour
    4 Aaron Carter CDs (feat posters & Nick) & Surfin' USA single (song feat Aaron & BSB)

  6. NatashaMarie1198 avatar

    because they probably sold way to many BBQ tickets so to make the meet and greet go faster they are making them group pictures.

  7. nicksgirl avatar

    Why is the photo's with grops of 10? I wouldnt want 9 other people i dont know in my pic with bsb....Why cant they do it like VIP?

  8. NatashaMarie1198 avatar

    This still should have included VIP buyers.

  9. christinar avatar

    basically Ill pay what it cost you total, including handling fees

  10. christinar avatar

    if your willing to sell me your BBQ ticket message me please, I will not pay anymore than $250 for it.

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