1. JessieS86 avatar

    I still can't believe I was one of the lucky 10.

  2. gfra82 avatar

    LUCKY FANS!!!! :)

  3. Aniron avatar

    Espérant qu'ils performent des tubes similaires à ceux de Melinium

  4. Aniron avatar

    Espèrant qu'ils performent des tubes similaires à ceux de Milenium

  5. Aniron avatar

    I hope they make a new great album as always.

  6. Ladyrok - Dianna avatar

    They are just amazing! Good idols!

  7. Florecitta avatar

    What a lucky fans!

  8. unbreakableBSB avatar

    Oh,sorry. The friend I have just mentioned in my comment, I meant "PAM". Hi, pam ! Best wishes to you.

  9. unbreakableBSB avatar

    I agree with Cassie P completely ! Even I, and most of you, stay so far from BSB in geographical distance.But, BSB is always in our heart! And look at what the Boys have done, we know they love us as well. So, LET'S KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE !
    No other fans in the world can compare with BSB's !
    I'll be relly happy if anyone of you say 'AGREE' with me. Thanks ^^ .

  10. pam avatar

    u know guys not alot of bands would do things like that 4 their fans bsb just happen 2 b 1 band 2 realize how good their fans r 2 them we should b so lucky 2 c any band b so good 2 us so 2 the fans that r angry that it wasnt them chill the hell out bsb isnt quitting on us anytime soon we need 2 not quit on them